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In front of the terrified father, monkeys grab and toss a 4-month-old boy off a building roof, killing him.

In a tragic event, a troop of wild monkeys in India kidnapped a newborn from his dad before throwing the child from a third-story rooftop, where he was instantly killed. On Friday, July 15, in Bareilly, six monkeys assaulted Nirdesh Upadhyay, 25, and his wife when they were on their rooftop with their four-month-old kid.

The wild monkeys didn’t get Upadhyay’s wife, but the troop trapped him. On Sunday, July 17, it is reported that the man tried to run away but dropped his son, enabling one of the animals to pick him up and throw him off the roof. The infant boy was abducted and thrown from the roof before other family members could respond to the man’s cries for aid after being struck by the animals. Owing to the animal assault, the baby passed away immediately.

When the monkeys got to the roof, they also turned on the other family members. The child who passed away had one sister who was seven years his senior, as per the reports. Before the tragedy, the family was getting ready for his name-day ceremony. According to Lalit Verma, the chief conservator of forests in Bareilly, the matter has been notified, and a team from the forest department has been dispatched to carry out an investigation.

Attacks by animals on people happen often. A camel bit a Minnesota zoo employee on the head last week on July 14, officials said, dragging him roughly 15 feet. The Stearns County Sheriff’s Office said that the event happened in Hemker Park and Zoo, which is close to the city of Freeport.

In order to prepare the camel for shipment to another facility, the 32-year-old worker, Roger Blencker, was walking the animal through an alleyway when it bit him on the head. Before a second worker, 32-year-old Seth Wickson, stepped and used a plastic walking board to force open the animal’s jaws, the camel pulled Blencker by his head for roughly 15 feet. Blencker was able to escape and stand alone.

The camel then allegedly rushed Wickson and bit his head, according to officials. Wickson was able to flee to safety and opted against getting help. Blencker was flown to St Cloud Medical Center. He suffered minor injuries that weren’t life-threatening, according to a subsequent update from the zoo, and he was anticipated to fully heal. According to zoo officials, the camel was unharmed in the incident and is still in good health.

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