Customers Buys All His Doughnuts So The Owner Could Be With His Sick Wife.

It’s nice to know when people look out for you, even when you’re running a business, and here is one instance where the customer TRULY is right.

Chhan and his wife, Stella, came to California as refugees from Cambodia in 1979. And for the past three decades, they have owned Donut City in Seal Beach. Until recently, they worked side by side every morning to make their awesome doughnuts.

But one day, Stella wasn’t there. And the customers noticed that. They were shocked to later learn she had suffered an aneurysm. She survived, but was very weak, and Chhan rushed home every day after work to be with her. Their customers wanted to start a GoFundMe account for them, but Chhan waved that idea off, saying all he needed was more time to spend with his ailing wife while she recovers.

So every day after that, the customers made sure to buy out all of Chhan’s doughnuts so he could go home to be with Stella. Customers spread the word and asked everyone to buy the shop’s doughnuts a dozen at a time. And apparently, it worked.

Says one unidentified customer: “It’s a blessing really. We need more people like that to just help everybody out in whatever need they have.” 

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