Dad Asks 7-Year-Old To Be His Best Man Not Knowing He’d Expose THIS.

Weddings are, obviously, a special time for a couple. And they depend on certain people to make it special, and for some couple’s the best man’s speech can really take the cake.

When it comes to weddings, the best man has some big responsibilities… like keeping the groom calm and giving a cool speech at the rehearsal dinner or wedding reception. But there is nothing in the rulebook that says the best man himself has to be BIG.

Take Vincent, for example. Nick chose his 7-year-old son Vincent to be the best man at his wedding. He was bypassed for planning his dad’s bachelor party, for reasons I am sure you understand, but when it came to everything else, he was the perfect person for the job. And when it came time for his speech, he was certainly prepared.

He took his papers and grabbed the microphone with enthusiasm. He introduced himself and added that he, like his dad, was a ladies man. He then warned his dad that he was gonna say “Potty” words throughout his speech, then he quickly added he was “just kidding.” Vincent went on to say that his dad was his best friend, and he’s known him his whole life.

Says Vincent: “My dad is the most loving and caring man I know. He also has WAY bigger muscles than any other dads from my class. Sometimes I even think he looks like a superhero. Whether my dad is a real superhero or not, he is MY superhero. He can’t fly or anything, but he has even BETTER super powers.

He takes care of me when I’m sick; he reads me stories every night before bed; he taught me how to ski; he taught me how to throw a baseball; he teaches me how to have good manners; he’s at every single game of mine and he can always make me laugh. But most of all, he loves me. I’d say those things make HIM a superhero.

But every REAL superhero needs a sidekick. and that’s ME. And every TRUE superhero needs a pretty girl by his side. That’s Lauren. And in my opinion we make an unstoppable team. When I first heard daddy and Lauren were getting married I thought “YES! Now I can get a baby brother!!”

When I first found out I was gonna be my daddy’s best man, I didn’t even know what a best man was. But now I know… it’s a best friend, a best buddy …and that’s ME!”

Vincent ended his perfect speech with, “I love you guys.” 

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