Newspaper Delivery Man Is SHOCKED To Find This In The Middle Of The Road.

Little babies are completely defenseless; they cannot take care of themselves. If the parents do not want this child, there ARE places to take it. Simply abandoning a child can result in serious consequences and, fortunately, there are some abandoned children who are found just in the nick of time.

On a very early and extremely chilly February morning in California, Aurelio Fuentes Jr., was driving down the Fresno road on his newspaper route when he spotted something bright in the road. At first, he thought it was an animal. But as he slowed the car while driving up to it, he could tell it was NOT an animal.

When he got a little closer, he realized something unbelievable. That bright bundle in the middle of the road was actually a baby, and it was crying. Aurelio got out of his car and walked up to a little newborn baby girl, and she still had her umbilical cord attached. He was stunned, and very sad, so he picked her up in her soiled onesie, walked her over to his car and carefully laid her down inside his car.

He then called 9-1-1. And help was on the way. Aurelio’s sadness turned to anger when it hit him that people really DO do these things… abandon their babies in the worst possible places. What if he had run over the little girl? What if a coyote had come along? Or a fox? He shuttered at all the horrific things that could have happened to this tiny little baby.

Police and ambulance crews quickly arrived and transported the baby to the nearest hospital. She was determined to be only a few hours old when Aurelio found her. And because he found her when he did, she’s gonna be ok. Police were trying to track down the child’s mother, and it’s very likely she’ll be facing criminal charges. 

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