What This Dad Did To His Daughter’s Wheelchair Is PRICELESS.

Whenever we, as parents, can put a smile on our children’s faces… well, ya know, that’s something we’ve just got to do, and when you can make your child happy, YOUR WORLD is a much better place.

Recently, a little girl in a wheelchair got a really nice surprise from her dad. 7-year-old Haley Hauck and her family live in Thorton, Colorado, and Haley’s dad wanted to do something really special for his little girl. So he turned her wheelchair into a mini police cruiser, and it has regular lights and flashing lights that work, along with a siren!

Haley’s epileptic condition causes her to lose a lot of energy, so the wheelchair is necessary to get her around when those times come. When the Thornton Police Department found out about the mini cruiser, Officer John Carter stopped by to visit with Haley and her family, and there were a lot of pictures taken. Haley even got to sit behind the wheel in Officer Carter’s actual cruiser.

The police department posted many of the pictures on its Twitter account, saying to Haley: “Thanks for joining the force. It is an honor to work with you.” 

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