Dad Brings Up Sister’s Affair After She Tried To Convince His 11-Year-Old Daughter That She Shouldn’t Keep Pads In The Bathroom.

Family may be complex at times, and contrary to popular belief, it does not always have to be in a condition of peace. Things may get nasty among family members, which is entirely acceptable and natural. However, family members might become unreasonable at times, to the point that the terms “understandable” and “normal” no longer apply. Read the whole story to know what happened between a father and his sister who tried to impose her views on his daughter. 

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My sister Julie (48f) is recently separated from her husband and she didn’t have a place to stay since he kicked her out. Reason is she was caught having an affair. I’m (29M) not happy about what she did but I guess she’s still my sister you know so for now she’s staying here with my 13 yr old nephew. Her oldest is with his dad and doesn’t wanna see her at all. My daughter is 11, and she’s already having her periods. Her mom’s not around so she’s with me full time. We only have one bathroom so she keeps her pads there because it’s more convenient obviously.

Julie’s older so I know she has a different way of thinking. She’s been super judgy about it. When she first saw them she gave the pads to my daughter and told her “those stay in your room, honey, everyone else uses the bathroom too” I asked her wtf?? My daughter is allowed to have them there. Julie thinks it’s not appropriate to have her pads there because other people could see them. Then she didn’t want to hear my argument because I’m a guy and just don’t understand. My brothers and cousins are coming over later so we’re cleaning up a bit. Again she tells my daughter she should put them in her room for now until everyone leaves.

I confronted her about it because it’s not even a big deal. But it’s because everyone will know she’s on her period. And I said there’s also toilet paper in the bathroom so everyone “knows” people take a sh*t in this house, what does it matter if they know someone in the house is also having periods? It’s not exactly this secret thing nobody knows about.

When she said she’s just caring about her niece since I’m not being a good father setting a proper example for her, I told her I’m not the one who imploded their kids lives for f******g another man so she has no right telling me what kind of parent I am.

And that did not go well. She called me a bunch of names and then she went to cry in the guest room. I’m still mad about what she said, obviously she thinks I was a huge a**l**e for what I said. For bringing up the issues in her marriage right now that she’s in a vulnerable place. Maybe because I’m mad it’s hard to see why I’d be TA when what I actually said was the truth, am i wrong?

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