Young Astounding Child Uses Their Make-A-Wish To Feed The Homeless

Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person.

Abraham Olagbegi is a 13 year old boy who needed a bone marrow transplant  when he found out he was born with a rare blood disorder.  After the success of his transplant Abraham qualified for Make-A-Wish, It is an organisation that grants wishes to children with serious illnesses. 

Abraham shared his wish with his mom.

Source – CBS News

Abraham’s mom, Miriam Olagbegi, told CBS News “I remember we were coming home from one of his doctor appointments and he said, ‘Mom, I thought about it, and I really want to feed the homeless,'” said Abraham, to that his mom replied  “Are you sure Abraham? You could do a lot … You sure you don’t want a PlayStation?'”

Playstation did not interest Abrahim, all he wanted was to feed the homeless.

Abraham’s dad Miriam thought it was a good idea, he said. “So, of course, we weren’t going to miss an opportunity like that because we always tried to instil giving into our children.” 

Abraham and Make-A-Wish together organised a day to hand over free food in Jackson, Mississippi in September, Food and supplies were donated from a local business and  they fed upto 80 people that day.

“When the homeless people get the plate, some of them would come back and sing to us and thank us,” Abraham said. “And it just really feels good, it warms our hearts. And my parents always taught us that it’s a blessing to be a blessing.”

Source – CBS News

Make-A-Wish will help Abraham feed the homeless every month for a year.

Every third saturday of each month the Mississippi chapter will work with Abraham to find local supporters who will  help with the supply and donation of the food they will  need to feed up to 80 homeless people

Local church and business have already supplied two servings

Abraham plans to continue helping the homeless even after his wish is fulfilled in 2022

He is all set to turn his efforts into a non profit naming it “Abraham’s Table.” 

“We’re just very excited to be able to continue on this endeavour. It’s just so rewarding,” his mom said. “If I was out there on the streets, homeless, I would want somebody at some point to think of me and to do something special for me. So, that’s what I try to instil in my kids and we just try to pay it forward, by doing what we were raised to do.”

Source – CBS News

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