Dad Catches Babysitter Trying To Rape His 1-Yr-Old Daughter – Delivers Justice Within Seconds.

Jayson Newlun of North Kansas City was a close family friend living with a Missouri family in the 8000 block of North Hickory Avenue. When the parents needed to go to the shop without their infant, they had no trouble leaving their sleeping daughter in the care of Newlun. Unfortunately, it would turn out to be a huge mistake for everyone concerned, as her parents would discover when they arrived home only to find a nightmare of the worst sort.

After the 26-year-old man was left alone with the sleepy one-year-old daughter while the parents went shopping, Newlun chose to sodomize the newborn in a heinous act of treachery against not only the tiny girl but also the parents who had trusted their kid to his care. He wasted little time in getting down to his nasty job. But, as luck would have it, the child’s mom discovered she had forgotten something, forcing the parents to return to their Clay County, Missouri, home sooner than planned.

The mom returned home about 5–10 minutes later, and something must have felt off as she went through the door. Where had Newlun gone? He wasn’t on the couch where she had left him. Then she realized the door to her daughter’s room was open. The mother entered her child’s room to check, only to find a terrible and scary scene.

Her child was being sexually abused. Newlun was masturbating while caressing the infant’s genitals while kneeling between the infant’s legs. The crazed pervert had removed the baby’s clothing and was photographing the heinous deed he was perpetrating on the innocent, defenseless child for his own amusement. The startled mother dashed away and informed her husband of what she had seen. The infant girl’s father had a quite different response to what had just occurred to his daughter as the mom grabbed the phone to contact the police.

The outraged dad raced into the room, threw the pedophile to the floor, and started hitting him repeatedly before grabbing up a dresser drawer and severely beating the abuser with it as well. People around were drawn to Newlun as he screamed on the ground. A neighbor eventually came and prevented the outraged dad from pummeling the predatory beast and tearing him off the pedophile.

When the cops came, they apprehended a battered and bleeding Newlun and took him to the Clay County Detention Center. He was given a $250,000 bond and charged with first-degree statutory sodomy. When questioned about why he committed the horrible deed, he allegedly said that he didn’t know yet agreed that he deserved a serious sentence. She hopes he goes down for this, the mom told Newlun as she waited for detectives to come to her house, to which he answered, he do, too, she told authorities.

Unfortunately, there is no severe enough penalty for such a crime committed against such a tiny kid. However, after being arrested and punished for his crimes against a child, Jayson Newlun should find jail to be a dangerous place. After all, what he did is every parent’s worst nightmare, and it’s highly probable that, after entrusting him with their kid’s care, the girl’s parents are feeling a strong sense of remorse, sorrow, and guilt, in addition to attempting to deal with what has occurred to their kid. So, whatever he gets, he’s getting off easy for what he’s done.

It’s a shame the kid’s dad didn’t have more time to deal with Newlun before the neighbor pulled him over, since this kind of criminal cannot be rehabilitated. Even with competent assistance, pedophiles like Newlun are likely to attack again once they are released. Perhaps, a few nightly visits from the most heinous convicts the jail has to offer would dissuade this monster from doing it again. Abuse against a kid has to be the most heinous act an adult can do. Taking a kid’s innocence for one’s own sexual pleasure is a disease of the worst sort, demonstrating that there are monsters among us, and a parent can never be too cautious when picking who to trust with their kid, even for the smallest length of time.

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