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Judge Judy Bought Spouse A Trike For 85th Birthday — They Made It To 45 Yrs After Remarrying Each Other.

Judith Sheindlin, better known as Judge Judy on television, was stumped as to what to get her husband, Jerry Sheindlin. After much deliberation, she decided to purchase a motorcycle for him. So, for his 85th birthday, Judy and Jerry went to a Harley-Davidson dealership and purchased a tricycle.

In a photograph, the 45-year-old pair can be seen seated on the massive black motorcycle, Jerry in the front and Judy behind him. The TV judge said that, although he now owns the tricycle, he is not permitted to drive it long distances and mostly uses it to travel to and from the gym.

Judy and her husband still value making time for each other and their kids after many years of marriage. Judy, her husband, Jerry, and 23 close relatives traveled to Musha Cay for her 80th birthday, where they enjoyed precious family time together and relaxed in the sun.

The judge and her husband, Jerry, had 5 kids in all, with Jerry adding three more—Gregory Everett Sheindlin, Jonathan Sheindlin, and Nicole Sheindlin — to the mix. Judy is the mother of two children, Jamie Gail Hartwright and Adam Scott Levy. There have been 13 grandkids born from the 5 kids.

Judy, although she takes a harsh approach in her presentations, is virtually the polar opposite when it comes to her family. She really enjoys indulging her grandkids. She stated that she and her hubby often don’t recognize how they’re treating the children, even if the parents observe it and do their best to stop it.

After the last season of her famous program, “Judge Judy,” she refused to retire. With her granddaughter at her side, she began a new program called “Judy Justice” on Amazon Freevee. The TV celebrity said that she is “not weary” and has nothing else to do, therefore she will continue to produce programs.

Judy was previously married to another man before becoming Judy Sheindlin. She has two children with her first husband, Ronald Levy, whom she married in 1964. Sadly, the marriage did not work out because Ronald intended Judy to be a full-time stay-at-home parent, when she had higher ambitions.

Her first husband regarded her employment as a way to pass the time when she wasn’t caring for the kids, and she rapidly became resentful of him and miserable in the relationship. The two eventually split up in 1976, and the TV judge was free to follow her own interests.

She relocated to New York City after her divorce and established a profession as a judge. She achieved success in the large city, but she also met Jerry. After Jerry ended his murder trial, the two met at a pub. Judy, who was never one to mince words, was blunt when they first met.

However, the two have had their own issues in the past. Jerry was still married to his prior wife when they met and was reluctant to call it quits. Jerry suggested that they simply live together without getting married, to which Judy replied that he should inform her dad. He clearly declined.

Judy, not accepting no for an answer, took out a calendar and issued a deadline. Jerry might choose a date, but by then, he should have divorced his prior wife; otherwise, she would not stay. It was successful, and the couple married in 1977.

But, after 13 years of marriage, another major obstacle arose in 1990. Judy’s dad had just died, leaving the judge in disarray. She had been close to her father, and she only wanted somebody to look after her when he died. Jerry, however, was unable to do so.

He challenged her to divorce him after she said she would if he couldn’t take care of her, and he got the papers the following day. After a year apart, the couple realized they weren’t happy apart and decided to try again. They headed to the clerk’s office to formalize it.

Since their remarriage, the two have been happily married. They love spending time with their large family after years of hard labor. Judy and her husband continue to support one other in whatever they do, and Jerry once said, “behind every great woman there is a man.”

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