Dad demands answers after daughter ‘brain damaged’ in roller-coaster accident

After a terrifying roller coaster accident, a Melbourne lady was left hanging to life with terrible face and head injuries.

Shylah Rodden, 26, is in serious condition after being hit by the Rebel Coaster attraction at the Melbourne Royal Show while attempting to rescue a dropped phone.

Police suspect the lady went onto the ride’s rails at 5.45 p.m. on Sunday before being struck by a carriage and collapsing to the ground.

The roller coaster stayed closed on Monday as cops and Worksafe investigators worked to understand what happened before the terrible occurrence.

There have been conflicting claims about what occurred, with onlookers stating the woman fell from the ride.

The woman dropped from roughly nine metres high after the ride lifted her into the air.

Melbourne Royal Show CEO Brad Jenkins stated that there was no problem with the Rebel Coaster attraction itself.

It was a horrific tragedy, and by all accounts, she went to get a phone; it had nothing to do with the ride itself, a glitch, or anything of that type, he explained.

Mr Jenkins refused to tell how she got onto the rails.

He went on to say that the ride’s operator was “heartbroken.”

Alan Rodden, Ms Rodden’s dad, stated that his daughter had dreadful wounds.

The wounds are heinous. Dreadful. She has a brain injury. I”t’s pelvis, her arms, legs, back, neck – almost everything is shattered, he added.

He really doesn’t understand how so much harm was caused. Even the physicians have stated that they haven’t seen anything like this in a long time.

The Rebel Coaster is characterized as more than 350 metres of exciting track on the internet.

“You’re in for a speedy, action packed ride including two 11-metre drops and a gravity defying giant loop,” a description reads.

According to a Victoria Police statement, the woman was discovered wounded on the floor.

Cops are now on the scene at the Melbourne Royal Show after allegations of an injured young woman, Victoria Police stated in a statement.

Authorities are investigating the incident’s details, and a crime scene has been formed.

Unfortunately, the woman was discovered wounded on the ground. Detectives from the Yarra Crime Investigation Unit are on the site and will collaborate with WorkSafe to determine what happened.

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