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Kevin Costner Celebrates 18th Anniversary with Skillful Wife Who Can Catch Fish with Her Bare Hands.

Kevin Costner, the Hollywood star with a career spanning over 30-years, is married to Christine Baumgartner and on September 21, 2022, the duo has celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary.

Costner is generally private about his association with his lovely wife, yet he has never concealed how fortunate he feels to have Baumgartner in his life. The actor also gives his social media fans a sight of him and his wife sometimes. In one such glimpse, the couple posted a photograph posed on a red carpet at the 2022 Oscars.

The duo has been wedded for nearly 20-years. They first came across in the 1980s, but nothing came out of their initial meeting. At the time, Costner was still wedded to his first wife, Cindy, though Baumgartner worked as a proficient model.

Costner’s nuptial ended in 1994 and five years later, he met Baumgartner at a cafeteria and this time, a love would stem from their encounter.

They started dating and all appeared to be going on well for the next few years. Though, the couple separated in 2003 since they could not decide on having children or not. Baumgartner desired to be a mom while Costner did not want any more children.

In spite of split, Baumgartner wanted an association with Costner. Later, he would disclose that the anxiety of being an unsuccessful dad fuelled his choice not to have any more children.

After sometime, Costner understood that letting his worries stop him from having a joyful life with his partner is not going to help him. He realised that he is going to lose a gorgeous woman who is eager to be with him till his last breath since he is frightened to have a child.

Soon after his consciousness, Costner and Baumgartner come together. The couple got married in 2004 in a ritual on their Colorado home. The duo welcomed their first child Cayden, 3-years later and in 2009, the couple’s welcomed their second son, Hayes, while their last child, Grace, arrived in 2010.

Baumgartner may be recognized as Coster’s spouse, but she is also very talented in different facets of life. For instance, she can catch fish with her bare hands. In a discussion, Costner remembered an instant when his wife displayed her talents.

The couple had gone fishing and at some point, Baumgartner really started walking across the lake. Then she stopped, looked into the lake and caught a fish with her bare hands and then let the fish go back into the water.

Like her significant other, Baumgartner is no outsider to the limelight. She functioned as a model in the 1980s and is now an entrepreneur and fashion designer.

Missing from the limelight, Baumgartner is a lot more. She is a loving mother to three kids and four stepchildren. She is also an affectionate wife who counsels her spouse about his pictures.

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