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Dad discovers that his kid is a bully, he delivers him a lesson he will always remember.

Everyone believes that bullying is a major issue. But what should be done?

It’s a question that has parents like this American father looking for answers. When he discovered that his son was bullying students at school, he devised a controversial method of disciplining him.

A video that the father recorded while punishing his son has already gone viral. Scroll down to find out why…

When Bryan Thornhill discovered that his son was harassing others on the school bus, he forced him to run to school in the rain while driving alongside him in the vehicle.

Bryan then published a video of the punishment on social media, and it went viral faster than he could have expected.

Here’s what Bryan said in the video he posted on Facebook: “Hi, everybody. Welcome to “You Better Listen to Your Dad 2018.”

He added that his son has finally gotten into enough problems on the bus to get taken off for three days due to being a little bully, which he do not allow, cannot abide.

Bryan goes on to say that his family lives one mile from the school and that his 10-year-old kid is an excellent athlete.

The good news, gentlemen, is that he’s keeping up a very decent mile pace, 6 miles per hour so far. He allegedly was a bit disrespectful to Michelle in the morning yesterday, so even though it’s pouring this morning, he gets to run, Bryan says.

He also stated that since tightening the restraints on his kid, the boy’s behavior at school and at home had improved.

This is old-fashioned, straightforward schooling. Nobody is killed by it. Because it’s training, this is a constructive method to chastise a kid, Bryan explains. It hurts them sometimes, but that’s what teaches them.

Bryan feels that disciplining his children in this manner encourages them to accept responsibility for their behavior. He is quick to emphasize, though, that he is always there when his children require him.

Bryan also shared recordings from two days when he forced his youngster to run to school.

“Teach your children. Don’t be a friend, be a parent,” he advises.

Dad Teaches Bullied Son A Valuable Lesson

You don't need to hurt your kids to make them better. This boy will be a free man, with free mind, and discipline. A Must Watch! 👉 👉👉 New TV drama: A Good Cop 🔥🔥🔥 💌 Find your NTD local channel at 💌 Subscribe NTD free newsletters at Credit: Bryan Thornhill via ViralHog

Posted by NTD Television on Wednesday, 15 December 2021

What are your thoughts? Was he justified in punishing his child in this manner?

Generally, I believe that we must teach our kids that it is never appropriate to bully others.

Is this dad’s approach the best way to proceed? You must make your own decision.

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