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Dying veteran in hospice receives his ultimate wish: one more visit with his dog.

Dogs are indeed man’s best buddy. They’re the ideal pet, a devoted companion that can keep you company and provide consolation when circumstances are bad.

And one man’s beloved dog was there for him when he required him the most: on his dying bed. It’s a heartbreaking story, but it eventually demonstrates the wonderful link that occurs between humans and their dogs.

John Vincent, a Vietnam War veteran, is nearing the end of his life. The 69-year-old was admitted to the Raymond G. Murphy Veterans Affairs Medical Center for hospice care.

Unfortunately, this meant saying goodbye to Patch, his 5-year-old Yorkshire terrier. He submitted the dog to Albuquerque Animal Welfare because he had no family in the region.

Amy Neal, a palliative care social worker, asked John if he had any last wishes because he was likely in his dying days.

For John, the decision was straightforward: he wished to see his dog one more time.

Workers were moved by his dying request and agreed to make it happen, resulting in a wonderful final reunion between the man and his dog.

It was an instant ‘yes,’ and let’s do anything they can to get it done, said Danny Nevarez, director of Animal Welfare. It was as simple as bringing Patch here.”

Patch was brought to the hospice by Albuquerque Animal Welfare team members. John was brought to tears when he saw his old buddy again- “That’s me, that’s daddy,” Vincent told Patch. “Are you so happy to see me? I’m so happy to see you.”

Patch allegedly remained silent throughout the journey, but grew tearful when they neared the hospital.

It’s almost as if he understood, he simply started whimpering, Nevares explained. Like he was anticipating something.”

Patch was adopted by Vincent after a neighbor produced a litter of puppies. He called the dog after a little spot of white fur that resembled John’s only bit of white chin hair.

They were known as the patch brothers, Vincent explained. He also stated that he preferred Patch being the smallest of the litter since he could take him for rides on his motorcycle.

It was a heartwarming reunion of two old friends. Unfortunately, it will most likely be their final farewell.

Still, it’s good that they were able to arrange the reunion, giving the veteran a little happiness in his dying moments.

It was such a heartwarming experience! Albuquerque Animal Welfare posted about it on Facebook. They were overjoyed to see one other and say their final goodbyes.”

It was a privilege to grant this veteran’s ultimate desire.

And if there is a silver lining, it is that Patch will be well cared for even after his owner dies.

He’s returned to the animal shelter, where he’s seeking for a new home, and Animal Welfare claims they’ve already found an adopter.

Yet, of course, a piece of his heart will always belong to John.

It’s a lovely, melancholy story of how our dogs can be our closest companions even in our dying hours.

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