Dad Has Done The Most Amazing Job Raising His 2 Sons.

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Yesterday at the New Orleans Saints Game we were sitting in section 130, row 10 and we were right next to seats 9 and 10. In those 2 seats I met the most polite well mannered kids.

When they sat next to me the oldest (who smiled ear to ear the whole game) told me WOW it looks so much different than on TV. The little brother loved football so much he would sometimes call the plays before they would even happen. The whole game we high fived, shared nachos and talked.

They were brothers from Baton Rouge. The youngest was in 3rd grade and the oldest told me he was in middle school. This was their first game and they only had 2 tickets so his dad brought them to the door of the stadium so they could watch and would be waiting for them at the door after the game. The oldest told me he lived with his dad and I must say his dad is doing an amazing job raising this young man.

When we won we all hugged and smiled and cheered. While walking up the stairs to leave the oldest stopped and thanked my husband Dustin and I. He gave me a big hug and shook Dustin’s hand and half hugged him.

I watched them walk to their door and waved good bye to them. Today I just can’t stop thinking about them and wish I would’ve gotten their number so I could send them this picture. What an awesome picture of two brothers sharing their first Saints game and the joy of a win! Maybe one of my Baton Rouge friend’s may have a teacher friend that recognizes them.

UPDATE: Danielle and the brothers were reunited! They were surprised with tickets to attend the Saints vs Colts game together, with the opportunity to go down on the field. What a happy ending to a heartwarming story!

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