Woman Reveals Why She Hates Doing The Invisible Work.

Story by Celeste Yvonne

Sometimes I hate doing the invisible work. All I want is someone to notice. Notice the planning I put into something.

Notice the cleaning… the folded laundry, the picked-up legos that keep mysteriously getting dumped back out, the clean sheets, the dinner that’s always ready every night.

To notice that as we head off to the birthday party, I already have the present purchased, wrapped and ready to go.

To notice that the diaper bag is stocked. To notice the snacks are already prepped. Or the meat is already cut into bite sized pieces.

To notice that just when the milk is about to expire, a new one magically appears in the fridge.

To see that a babysitter appears at the front door exactly when the work party is scheduled.

Because no one seems to notice. It’s assumed. It’s assumed everything will always be there when they need it.

But what about me? What if I’m not always there? Will they notice then?

And as this dark fantasy gnaws at me, I step back. My kids are fed, my home is warm and inviting, my life is how I always hoped.

And I notice my efforts. I know how hard I work. And for now, that’s good enough.

Today, it’s good enough.

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