Customer Didn’t Expect How The Employee Handled The Homeless Man.

Source: Facebook

I would like to just share what I witnessed yesterday morning at Bagels N’ Buns.

I was waiting at the counter for an order and a homeless man asked one of the employees to please fill his half gallon, plastic milk carton with water. The worker said “ what are you going to use it for?” Now I’m jumping the gun in my head, thinking he was going to say that if he wanted it for drinking he has to buy a bottle blah blah blah… The man said “to drink”, the employee told him to “please go over to the cooler and get whatever size water he’d like.”

He then filled up the milk carton as requested. The man thanked the employee for the water but said he was really hungry and could use a meal. The worker Benny said “No problem! What would you like?”

The man gave him his order and he got to it with a smile on his face. I then went over to the register to ask Kathie (who is AMAZING) if I could give her money for him, to use a credit for a few meals. She replied “Janessa, That is so kind but we feed him whenever he is hungry. He always has a meal here, when he needs.” They’ve been doing it for years!!! Another reason for me to love them over there.

I was really moved by the whole situation. I felt the need to share this because when businesses give from the heart, when they are hurting the most, they deserve a shout out ❤️🥯 BIG love shout to Mike, Katie, and the whole crew at Bagels n Buns ❤️

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