She Writes What It Is Like — When Her Husband Is Home.

Story by April Leiffer Henry

“Daddy’s home!” Oh, how those two simple words lift everyone’s mood.

“Daddy’s home” means the dog starts jumping up and down as soon as she hears the garage door going up. She can’t contain her excitement to see her favorite human.

“Daddy’s home” means the toddler looks up from his cars and trains and runs to the steps. He begins squealing, “Hi, Daddy!” And sometimes he jumps, too, because he sees the dog’s enthusiasm.

“Daddy’s home” means the big kids stop what they’re doing and meet Daddy at the door, sharing stories and asking questions.

“Daddy’s home” means I get to lean in and kiss my husband. I am so happy he’s home.

“Daddy’s home” means there’s another adult in the house.

“Daddy’s home” means another pair of grown-up hands that can change a diaper or pour a cup of milk.

“Daddy’s home” means I can ask him about his day and tell him about mine.

“Daddy’s home” means we can cook dinner alongside each other or sip a glass of wine together.

“Daddy’s home” means wrestling with the kids on the floor or throwing balls in the house.

“Daddy’s home” breathes new life into long days.

“Daddy’s home” is one of my favorite moments of every day.

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