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Dad Helps Deliver Baby Off Highway With Converse Shoelace “There Was No Warning”.

Baily Taylor Bieniek-Phelps of Wisconsin had no idea her birth plan would include the side of Interstate 94 or her car, but that’s exactly what she and her husband were confronted with when the couple’s fifth baby chose to make their debut into the world with drama and flare.

They had intended on having a natural delivery, but not like a crazy natural birth, she chuckled as she expressed her experience. That was a little more than she expected.

Baily awoke on March 20 with a few contractions. Her contractions were closer together during the evening, around 10 to 15 minutes apart.

Baily, 33, and her 34-year-old husband, Tim Bieniek-Phelps, were unconcerned. The pair’s fifth baby, after Remington, 10, Wesson, 6, December, 5, and Benjamin, 2, was due on April 1, and physicians planned to induce Baily on March 25.

However this plan was tossed out the window when Baily’s water broke on March 20 at 10:50 p.m.

She jolted Tim up and yelled, they have to go immediately,  Baily stated.

Tim stepped in the family SUV and drove his wife down the freeway. Despite the fact that he was driving much faster than normal, at around 80 miles per hour, they were at least 10 miles from the hospital when Baily turned to him and said, he needs to pull over, the baby’s coming.

Tim, according to Baily, exited I-94 onto Radio and Inwood Drive before flying out of the car to get to her.

He assisted her in removing her pants in order to notice that Ariel’s entire head was exposed. That’s when he looked at her and said, OK, take a big breath, and push.  Baily stated. She  pushed once, and the little one was out.

According to Baily, the sudden labor caught them off surprise. They were not expecting things to unfold as quickly as they did. There was no forewarning that this would occur.

On March 20, at 11:40 p.m., Ariel Olive Marie Venus Phelps arrived. She weighed 6 pounds, 15 ounces, and measured 19-1/2 inches in length.

When Tim recalled the incident, he stated that there was no need to panic.

He was present and  was breathing, but nothing was between the light bulbs, Tim explained. But it all came back to him as he recalled the births of his other 4 kids, who were all delivered in hospitals rather than on the side of the road.

Tim dialed 911, and after recognizing that an ambulance would take too long to arrive in time to cut Ariel’s umbilical cord, the 911 operator asked Tim if he had something to cut the umbilical cord with.

He is looking around the car and he thinks he has a shoelace on, so he ends up pulling the shoelace off, Tim explained. She looked at him like he was insane ripping the lace off his Chuck Taylors, he claimed of his wife.

An ambulance arrived and took both the mother and the baby to the hospital. He supposed they were pleased that the baby arrived and they didn’t have to do it, Tim joked.

Baily expressed that she and Tim joked about the need of being ready for everything months before the delivery.

Baily, on the other hand, knew she was in good hands. There was never a doubt in my mind that he couldn’t accomplish it, she added.

Tim was also given a hero’s welcome in the hospital. At the hospital, they made light of it. They were understaffed, so they said, Oh, they’ve got scrubs in the back. He appears to understand what he is doing right now, Tim chuckled.

He got lucky with the way the baby came out. The correct approach. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary; she wasn’t stepping out feet first or putting her shoulder out there, Tim explained.

Tim was talking to a pal about it the day after the unusual delivery, and his buddy’s statements made Tim pause for a while.

He was like, Tim just accomplished something nice for the guys out there.  Tim remarked, He means, one is actually capable of achieving anything like this.  He’s correct. He  didn’t anticipate things to turn out this way, but he is pleased they did. He means, he is pleased that all ended happily.

But, in the end, Tim is grateful that his wife’s birth was swift and relatively painless, and that his baby girl came well and safe, and that he understands who the true rock star deserves honoring is.

He continued that he can truthfully say that his wife, who is sitting right next to him and has been a warrior through it all- gave birth to a kid without an epidural, without any pain medicines, without anything like that.

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