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Father Flips Car In Crash Then Flees Without Son

A 21-year-old guy is facing charges after allegedly crashing his automobile on a Wisconsin highway and fleeing the scene. According to cops, he fled with his small kid and a loaded revolver.

On Monday, Ladarius Davis-Hughes, 21, appeared in court. He faces five charges, including second-degree seriously harming safety and child neglect.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation video shows Davis-Hughes raced along I-43 near Holt on April 12, going back and forth between lanes until he plowed into a median wall and overturned his car.

According to a Milwaukee cop, he discovered a 4-year-old boy, revealed as Davis-Hughes’ kid, crawling out of the rear windshield with his dad following behind him.

As per court filings, Davis-Hughes told officers that he was dropping off his son at school when the automobile began “acting up,” so he attempted to halt it.

Later in the video, the dad and boy return to the police car. The cop claims he put the 4-year-old in the back of his cruiser and was on his way to fetch something for Davis-Hughes’ injured hand when the man abruptly fled.

Davis-Hughes is shown on video jumping over the concrete median, across three lanes of traffic, and running into the brush. He was finally apprehended by cops.

According to cops, an AK-47 was seized from inside the vehicle, and there was no car or booster seat for the kid.

If convicted, Davis-Hughes faces up to 38 years in jail.

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