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The Alan Jackson Says He is “Pissed Off” At Today’s Country Music..

Alan Jackson has once again demonstrated to the music business what authentic country music sounds like with the release of his new EP, Where Have You Gone? During an interview, the country legend revealed his opinions on the present state of country music, and he didn’t mince words.

Country music has died and will not return.  It’s like the 1980s all over again. He is  not some 30-year-old hottie; he is 62 years old. It’s not the same, but someone has to restore it since it’s not only individuals in their 50s who are affected; youngsters in their 20s are as well. All the youngsters and young folks in his neighborhood? The older people become, the more hard-core and conventional their tastes become.

When questioned how he thought about his new music being virtually old-school, Jackson didn’t hold back.

This isn’t old school; this is the real school. And he is just as upset as one is about what’s occurred to the format, or whatever they want to call it. He is aware that he is not required to create his recordings for country radio.

He continued by stating that authentic country songs are about love, heartbreak, drinking, good times, and bad times. Jackson noted that the sound of country music is meant to express these sensations and emotions, which he has done with his most recent work.

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