Dad Secretly Does A Paternity Test On His 12 Yr. Old Son.

My wife and I met when I was 20. We had a drunk hookup the first night we met. We continued seeing each other after that night. A few weeks later she found out she was pregnant. We stayed together and I proposed a few months later. I had doubts about her pregnancy lining up with our timeline but I never brought it up or discussed it. Not to mention I was in the military and deployed a few months later. My proposal weighed a lot on her carrying my child. I grew up in a home without a dad and never wanted that.

Fast forward 12 years we are still married. Though it has been extremely volatile and rocky I’ve stayed together honestly because I could never part from my son. I can’t let him grow up with an absent father. So I’ve made it work. Our marriage is dead outside of our child.

I ran into an old friend who I knew around the time I met my wife. He asked if I was still with her and I said yes. He mentioned how “it was crazy I dated her and then you stole her from me!” I wasn’t sure what he meant and asked him to elaborate. He said “it’s no big deal but I was seeing her up until that weekend you met her.” I dropped it but inside my doubt and insecurities ran wild. I couldn’t get it out of head. I broke down and bought a home DNA test kit and used it on my son and I without telling my wife.

The results came back today. He is not my son. 0% chance I am his biological son. I’m destroyed. My whole world is upside down. I’m just on autopilot at the moment. I don’t know how to act or feel. I’m just a zombie right now.

One thing I know is no matter what he is my son. I’ve been by his side the moment he was born and will absolutely never abandon him. Absolutely nothing will change that.

I feel like my whole marriage was a lie.

Source: Reddit

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