Mother-In-law Says To Be Careful With Her Granddaughter Or She’d Turn Up Like Her Mom.

MIL is here this week to look at retirement communities near us (the two we are looking at are about an hour away and very nice). She came in yesterday afternoon, and we met her at the airport. First question out of her mouth, when greeted by her son, daughter-in-law and only grandchild?

“Why didn’t you get a sitter?”

We tell her there was no need, we thought she’d like to see Daughter (and Daughter has never not been with one of her parents or close family friends, so why would we get a sitter?). MIL responds that we’re “spoiling that girl”, and something about “this is how she’ll turn out like (Me)”

I blink. “I hope so. I am her mother.” MIL makes a noise, and finally looks at me.

She knew I was pregnant. We told her. But I don’t think she really absorbed this until she saw me. I am a small woman. I just am. And Husband is a big guy who makes big babies. So, it is obvious. MIL has to have another jab. “Well, she won’t be spoiled when you have that one. Don’t you people believe in birth control?”

I have no words. I look over at Husband. This is the sort of situation we’ve discussed. In detail. But he is already handling it. He has paper out, and is writing down an address. It’s her hotel. He hands it to her, and puts down her bag. She looks at him like she is crazy. Asks what he’s doing.

“That’s the hotel address. For the cab”.

She says she thought we were taking her (we were going to get a cab with her, do the dinner obligation, and then I was going to avoid her as much as possible for the week- which with how she is and the plans, would be easy). Husband answers “You made it clear you wouldn’t want to be with (Me) and “that girl”. You will not be rude to or about to my wife. You will not be rude to or about my children.”

She stares at him, mouth open. He goes on “I am going home with my family. There is a nice restaurant at (cross streets) near the hotel. Get some dinner. We will see you (day) to look at the places. Have a good night.”

She has no time to reply. He puts his arm around me, and sort of guides me + stroller out.

I love this man.

Source: Reddit

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