Dad Shoots Baby In Chest After Young Mother Refuses His ‘Bedroom Request’

Most experts say that the majority of marital difficulties revolve around three basic issues: money, communication, and sex. Although marriage has its own set of obstacles, these appear to be the defining elements in the majority of couples’ conflicts.

Marriage was no exception for one young couple in Luziania, Brazil. Unfortunately, it was the woman’s husband’s decision to manage their dispute that was so heartbreaking.

When neighbors heard Jeniffer Silva’s soul-piercing cries, they promptly called the cops to inquire. Soon later, they learned that the couple’s infant son had died as a result of a gunshot wound to the chest. Nothing, though, could have prepared them for the horrible cause of the young child’s heinous killing.

Maycon Salustiano Silva, who was 25 years old, shot his 6-month-old son in the chest with a.22 handgun when his wife Jeniffer said she didn’t want to have sexual relations with him. Within two hours after the incident, Baby Michel was declared dead at the hospital.

Maycon allegedly went to fetch some water in the midst of their disagreement. He did, though, return with the.22 and aim it at Jeniffer, threatening to murder her. He then shifted his focus to their child after failing to elicit the desired response.

Jeniffer apparently passed out and awoke next to her deceased kid, adding to the weird and heartbreaking facts. While neighbors claim to have heard her screams, she doesn’t appear to recall anything prior to waking up.

Maycon had been drinking excessively and consuming marijuana before the murder, and he blames his behavior on his inebriation. Police recovered the firearm buried in the cushions of their couch a short time later.

Maycon was later caught and charged with manslaughter rather than murder, causing anger. He was also accused of domestic abuse and unlawful firearm possession. He has no previous criminal history.

Jeniffer was interrogated by authorities and then released on the grounds that she had nothing to do with her son’s death. She was never charged.

Relatives and acquaintances have characterized the pair as “adorable” and the “perfect coupling.” The dark series of events that join them nevertheless destroy these assumptions in a moment. On social media, the ideal couple isn’t necessarily who they seem to be.

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