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Dad Spends $21k For His Daughter To Go To Taylor Swift Concert After Original Tickets Never Arrived.

What would you pay to see Taylor Swift perform live? What about $20,000?

That’s how much Anthony Silva spent for his daughter Katlyn and her pals to dance to ‘Anti-Hero’ and ‘Shake It Off’ during her sold-out performance at Massachusetts’ Gillette Stadium.

Taylor Swift tickets are like gold dust right now, but they can’t be that expensive, right?

It turns out that was not the amount Anthony intended to spend on concert tickets.

Initially, the father spent $1,800 on the four tickets as a Christmas gift for Katlyn, who is 19 years old. But he still didn’t have any tickets to offer the ladies a few days before the show.

Anthony had bought the tickets via StubHub, a third-party ticket exchange and resale website.

Tickets are not provided to the customer until the day before the event, per StubHub policy.

However, Anthony was still unemployed the day before the Gillette Stadium job.

Anthony said that when he contacted StubHub about the missing tickets, they informed him that there were no more tickets available for purchase.

Anthony had no option but to travel to another ticket resale site and acquire four additional tickets, which cost him a whopping $21,000.

This is simply not right, the father grumbled at the time. In his view, they should not wait until the day before to have the tickets sent out by the re-seller.

He said that it would cost approximately $21,000 for better seats, but as one can see, this sets him back a little bit. He believes it is due to incompetence on the part of the third party, or StubHub.

StubHub would reimburse Silva’s initial purchase in 10 business days, according to Silva.

Anthony decided to perform a joke on his daughter before breaking the good news after spending a lot of money on the four tickets and even renting a limousine for the girls.

They pulled a joke on them yesterday, telling them the tickets were really gone, and the look on their faces is something he’ll never forget. One of the girls’ lips trembled. He is not going to say who.

Katlyn stated that she made a big deal out of the tragic news.

She told a local news source that she went home slamming stuff and was so upset and let down because she had been looking forward to this for nine months.

Fortunately for them, Anthony went on to announce that the ladies were really going to see Swift.

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