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Toddler Sinks Like A Stone In Hotel Pool Before 6-Yr-Old Twins Work Together To Save Her.

Amy and DJ were in Orlando for a Disney World holiday with their 6-year-old twin sons, Peyton and Bryant. The family decided to arrive at their hotel early one day so the boys could spend the day in the pool.

Peyton and Bryant were trained to swim as children and are quite comfortable in the water. Amy described them as “little fish” who would prefer to live in the water if they could. She had no idea their swimming abilities would come in handy on that fateful day.

The guys were swimming around in the pool when they spotted a 3-year-old girl sprint to the deep end, right next to where they were. At the time, the toddler’s mom was apparently packing up their water toys and had turned her back for a short minute when her daughter raced away.

Peyton and Bryant observed her leap into the pool, splash about, and struggle to stay afloat. She was having difficulty keeping her head above water, and they were watching as she “sank to the bottom like a stone.”

According to a 2015 CBS News report, drowning is the leading cause of injury-related mortality among children aged one to four, and the second leading cause of death among children aged one to fourteen.

But, without saying anything or hesitating, the 6-year-old boys sprang into action and followed their instincts, moving fast and immediately to rescue the small girl in the way that only a pair of linked twin siblings can.

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