“Please Don’t Hurt The Girls” Were The Last Words This Home Invader Ever Heard.

After a house invasion in the 23000 block of Botkins Road in the Hockley neighborhood offered the ideal reason for owning weapons to defend your family, the firefight in Harris County, Texas, was initially reported.

It all started when an unnamed grandmother was preparing breakfast in her kitchen early in the morning when she was confronted by three armed masked men who stormed into her house. As the masked guys aimed weapons at the grandmother and her three young grandchildren in the kitchen, there was no time to pick up the phone and ring 911.

Fortunately, they were not alone at home. At the time of the house invasion, there were three additional family members present, as well as an employee of the family’s construction firm. All eight would be spared because one of the family members opted to arm himself.

When the woman’s adult son heard the ruckus, he was in his bedroom. He awoke and grabbed his rifle, preparing to face the suspects. When he heard ‘please don’t hurt the girls,’ that’s when he took action, deputies said. He wasted no time in defending his family by shooting at the attackers.

They were basically at a standoff, and he discharged himself first, Harris County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Felipe Rivera recounted. One of the suspects did fire inside the residence, he continued, but the would-be robber’s shot was ineffective. The son, on the other hand, hit one of his targets.

When police arrived, two of the suspects had escaped the house in a vehicle that was apparently spotted driving away from the neighborhood, but the third suspect did not fare so well. The woman’s son fired a shot at the man, killing him there.

Neighbors who were frightened to expose their faces on TV claimed they heard “voices speaking Spanish” and shooting in the residence. They also said that this is the first time they have heard of a home invasion or theft in their area.

Authorities did not disclose specifics or details about the suspects to the media, simply stating that they were speaking Spanish as they entered the house. The event caused no harm to any of the eight family members, and the son who made that happen was not prosecuted for a felony for defending his family. Investigators were attempting to figure out why the family, which operates a construction company, was a target.

The cops are just minutes away when seconds matter, and this is true. Harris County’s average response time is 5 to 8 minutes. According to the Women’s Self-Defense Institute, Nashville, Tennessee, came in last with a response time of 12 minutes. When confronted with an armed criminal bent on causing damage, a lot may happen in 5 minutes, let alone 12. Considering all of this, the typical engagement between a criminal and his or her victim is just approximately 90 seconds.

This means that by the time authorities arrive, the perpetrator has already fled, undaunted by law enforcement, unless someone else nearby is prepared to stop them, as this son was. This scenario might have been a lot worse if the son had not been armed and prepared to defend his family. Faced with three armed invaders, there were eight possible victims whose lives were on the line. The odds were stacked against him. Nevertheless, thanks to one brave kid, all eight family members are safe.

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