Store Owner Immediately Bans Pepsi Products When He Notices ‘Offensive’ Logo.

Connecting with clients may be the difference between earning a livelihood and going bankrupt for Phillip Stewart. Every business action he takes has the potential to either earn him a profit or lead him to incur a loss, maybe even a devastating one if he is not cautious.

Stewart, the proprietor of S&Z Grocery along Highway 72, sees customers from all walks of life coming through his grocery. Naturally, these consumers have a wide range of political and social views, which would not normally be a problem for most company owners. Stewart, on the other hand, has modified the way he does business in a controversial decision owing to his strong personal values.

Stewart discovered a feature on some of the Pepsi bottles that he’d never seen before when filling his freezers. When he looked closely, he realized he couldn’t sell the drinks while still upholding his own values. He then made a tough and very dangerous business decision.

Stewart revealed on Facebook that he has officially banned some Pepsi items from his grocery store because the labels include the NFL emblem. Since Pepsi has elected to partner with a market that supports its workers insulting the American flag, the National Anthem, and police officers, the Athens shop owner has decided not to sell their goods.

Stewart agreed that the choice was dangerous for business, but he eventually decided that he does not want to support a firm that has taken such a stand on flag honoring. As a result, Stewart said that he was removing the emblem from 20-ounce Pepsi and Diet Pepsi products, as well as some Gatorade bottles.

This may cause me to lose some business, but here goes. S&Z supermarket currently will not be selling 20 ounce Pepsi or…

Posted by S&Z Grocery on Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Stewart was pleasantly delighted to learn that the majority of his clients supported the change after he made the choice based on his own values. Those who did not, on the other hand, took a more neutral posture, saying that they didn’t care either way.

While Stewart disagrees with the kneelers and those who support them, he recognizes their right to demonstrate. He does, however, underline that he has the right to protest their practices, including refusing to sell anything with the NFL emblem.

Stewart said that he believes the kneelers have a valid cause but that utilizing game time to promote their political ideas is inappropriate. He promises not to supply the merchandise until the branding is gone.

Stewart has received a lot of support for his cause and his company since he announced it. Although some social media users urged customers to boycott his Georgia shop, it does not seem to have had any detrimental impact on him. In reality, the opposite has happened.

Stewart will maintain the restriction on Pepsi goods with the NFL emblem on their packaging, rather than selling Coke products. So far, the great majority of his customers have supported his choice and continue to shop at his business.

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