Dad tells wife he let 3-year-old daughter choose her picture day outfit, then she sees the final result.

As a youngster, the yearly class portrait is a particularly memorable occasion; choosing your own outfit is so thrilling! But, for some children, it may be a nerve-wracking experience, as they fear what others will think of their everyday attire, and others are uncomfortable posing for the camera.

When three-year-old Kaylieann Steinbach went to bed the night before her class photo, she was enthusiastic about the upcoming events. Nevertheless, when she saw the clothing her parents had laid out for her, her excitement swiftly changed to despair.

She then chose to choose her own attire.

Due to her significant hearing loss, Kayliean cannot hear the letter “S” and so refers to Superman and Supergirl as “Pooterman” and “Pootergirl” in her universe.

Clearly, there was no question as to which outfit she desired to wear to the class photo.

“Pootergirl!” she exclaimed as her parents presented her with several articles of clothing.

Austin Steinbach, the father, said he couldn’t argue with that response. Kaylieann obtained her desire and donned her heroic attire. She exuded happiness in front of the cameras while wearing a Supergirl costume and holding a toy.

Austin claims that she wears various superhero costumes to school, and that her friends eagerly await each day to see which one she will don.

Austin uploaded Kaylieann’s class picture and was stunned by the feedback. He was inundated with words of encouragement.

He was astounded by the deaf community’s response and participation. He has not yet been able to read all the letters of encouragement and nice sentiments that have been given to him. He never would have guessed that her photograph would have moved so many people, said Austin Steinbach.

Kaylieann, what a strong and courageous child you are! In my opinion, you are the true superhero!

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