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Video: Carjacker Tries To Take UFC Fighter’s Car — And Pays For His Mistake.

When UFC welterweight fighter Jordan Williams stopped at a gas station in Denver, Colorado, he believed it was safe to leave his vehicle running in the parking lot while he rushed inside to get a beverage. Sadly, a thief noticed what Williams had done and decided it was the ideal time to attempt to take the car. He would discover the hard way that he had made a grave error.

Williams is seen on security camera tape seeing the suspect getting into his vehicle and trying to flee, but the guy wouldn’t go far. At first, he couldn’t believe it, Williams said while describing the time he saw the thief attempting to steal his truck.

Due to push-to-start technology, the automobile could not be driven while the key was more than five feet away, even if it was running. As Williams approached the vehicle with the key, the drive capability was reactivated, and the offender started backing up. The thief probably believed he was going to get away with the car, but Williams had an entirely other plan.

So, he hurries to his automobile, which has a push-button starter. Hence, if his keys are not within five feet of the vehicle, it will not start. When he began to sprint toward the vehicle, it began to slowly reverse, Williams recounted. Sadly for the naive driver, he was about to discover this differently. In lieu of a successful carjacking, he received a stern education on the magnitude of his error.

Williams, shown on security video footage wearing a fantastic fanny pack, quickly opened the car door, grabbed the man, and yanked him from the vehicle. Williams seems to have landed a couple fast punches, knees, and kicks as he hurled the guy out of the truck and into the parking lot, leaving the thief clutching and then massaging his head as he walks away in defeat.

Williams shared the video, which has been characterized as a short but effective lesson for the burglar, on Instagram for the amusement of his followers. Afterwards, it was uploaded on MMA Focus and other sports-related YouTube channels. Be advised, though, that in addition to some violence, there is also the occasional use of bad language.

Jordan Williams told with a smile that he opened the door, and it’s strange, because the first thing he did was dump the items he purchased on the passenger seat. He then started to hit the individual. Following the first blow, the thief apologized, saying, “OK, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Jordan was able to knee him as he was fleeing the building.

While the thief seemed to have learned his lesson, Williams wishes he could have taught him more.

Williams concluded the surveillance camera footage with a picture of the man’s hat, which he left behind during the altercation, and wrote, “Forgot your hat?”

This video has many useful lessons, not just for the thief, who learned that if you’re going to steal someone’s vehicle in broad daylight, make sure it doesn’t belong to a guy who makes his profession bashing people in the Octagon, but also for future possible victims. If someone attempts to steal your vehicle and it has push-to-start technology, you can just stand back and watch them fumble as the driving capability is disabled—unless you’re a UFC fighter with a massive can of whoop-whoop in your waistband.

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