Ex-Commando Sees Sexual Predators Harassing Two Girls, Unleashes His Fighting Skills.

A gang of Arab guys viciously attacked two young ladies while they were strolling through the streets of Cologne, Germany. While the males sexually abused the girls, they managed to escape their captors and ran to a neighboring hotel for assistance. The scared young women couldn’t believe that they had met Ivan Jurcevic, a former Croatian Army commando who had quit the army to become an action movie hero and five-time world champion kickboxer.

Jurcevic was lucky because he had “a certain set of skills” that would make their attackers beg for mercy. The 7-foot, 285-pound modern-day Hercules was working as a doorman at the Hotel Excelsior that night when he decided to act out his movie roles in real life, much to the chagrin of the wandering sexual deviants.

Jurcevic stated that when the group of drunk, lecherous Arabs warned him not to interfere with the sexual activity, he decided to take care of the assailants himself. Jurcevic, imitating one of his characters in an action role, eliminated the harassers one by one.

Since the males refused to back down, Jurcevic was compelled to protect himself and the ladies physically. Fortunately, the kickboxing champion was prepared for just this sort of battle.

Ivan Jurcevic determined that after eliminating two of the assailants, just two men remained to engage in combat. Having seen what his companions had gone through, the apparent commander wisely chose against engaging the muscular hero in combat.

Jurcevic was arrested after he joined a group of vigilantes who patrolled the streets of Cologne to protect people from sex assaults. Yet, he is still revered across Germany as the “Hero of Cologne.”

Due to their courageous and gallant defense, the ladies were able to evade a violent attack. Ivan Jurcevic exemplifies the quintessential hero for them and many others, and properly so.

While pursuing a lucrative acting career, Jurcevic is eager to assist those in need. The renowned strongman continues to play parts that match his physical prowess and bravery.

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