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Mom Bends Over To Fix Flat Tire On Vacant Lot, Man Takes Notice And Approaches.

By the time Caryl Soucy reached the vacant parking lot, she could feel that her tire had lost all of its air and that she was driving on the rim. She had a busy day and depended on her sole car, so this was the last thing she wanted that morning, yet she was certain she could repair it and go on her way.

This morning, after dropping off her kid at school, she heard her tire go flat and realized she was driving on the rim. She reported that she immediately pulled over into the Jervey Gandt parking lot and proceeded to analyze the situation.

Caryl noted in a social media post about the event that as she turned into the Jervey Gantt parking lot, her day changed in a manner she never imagined and that she hoped others would learn something from her experience.

She got out the worst jack on the planet and her T-bar and attempted to change her tire, saying that she was in the process of doing so when an unexpected automobile came up behind her.

Officer Clark, a local police officer, patted Caryl on the shoulder and indicated he would take it from there while she struggled with the repairs and insufficient equipment. She didn’t see him coming and hadn’t asked for assistance, but he jumped right in and took over the situation, where she sorely needed assistance.

Before she realized it, a police officer drove up and began assisting. He didn’t even ask whether she needed assistance or what had occurred; he simply began assisting her, said the mother, who had never seen such a simple gesture of generosity from a stranger.

He changed her flat quicker than she has ever seen anybody change one, which was fairly remarkable given the equipment she gave him. His name was Officer Clark, Caryl Soucy said in her tweet, which was accompanied by images of the cop aiding her.

In a couple of moments, her day was made better since a police officer occurred to be passing by at the appropriate moment and spotted a chance to help someone else when most individuals wouldn’t care about their concerns. Officer Clark, on the other hand, did not hesitate to halt what he was doing in order to carefully complete an unnecessary assignment.

"This morning after I dropped my son off at school I heard my tire go and knew I was driving on my rim. I quickly pulled…

Posted by Love What Matters on Sunday, 21 August 2016

They are the first to blame a police officer for everything they do or don’t do, despite the fact that they have likely passed by many Caryls. At a point of frustration and with no hopes, Caryl Soucy’s life was altered by a stranger’s modest act that took him just a few minutes of his time, but had a huge impact on this single mother.

Caryl said that please share this so that he is aware of how much his generosity and compassion meant to her. In addition, other members of the community may see that there are a great number of officers guarding and serving our town. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Officer Clark! hoping that her message would encourage others to honor and respect the officers and, if possible, brighten someone’s day.

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