Oklahoma Liquor Store Faces Backlash Over ‘Offensive’ Sign.

A booze shop in Oklahoma City made news after posting a sign urging customers to “Pull up your pants!” In addition to conveying this message, the sign also indicates that guests with sagging trousers are not allowed inside the restaurant. Although some saw this policy as contentious and even racist, the store’s management sticks by it since they find the fashion statement offensive and revolting.

The management of Midwest Wine and Spirits said in an interview that they were obligated to post the notice since too many customers were entering with their trousers sagging so low that their underwear and cracks were visible.

“Pull your pants up or don’t come in!!! the sign reads. “Try to have some decency & respect for others. No one wants to see your underwear.”

Because the management disapproves of individuals revealing their behinds in the liquor shop, they deemed it necessary to post the warning before a sexual assault occurred as a consequence of the “invitation” that sagging jeans convey to onlookers.

One of the managers, Chad Gilbert, said, that he understand that wearing trousers low is a fashion statement for some, but it doesn’t work for him and he find it quite disrespectful.

One consumer, though, objects to the sign and claims that because the business is a booze shop, it has questionable moral grounds for judging individuals.

Sunshine Weatherby commented that she could see it if it were a church. One may have an issue with the presence of families, but this is a booze business. She has seen worse at a liquor shop.

Weatherby did not argue that the company should remove the sign since they have the freedom to serve whatever customers they desire. Yet, Weatherby says she can accept it so long as the shop serves all customers equally. Yet, it would be improper if the sign were used to discriminate against persons of a certain race.

According to employees, sagging pants also represent a security issue. Shana Wiesner said, when individuals enter with their trousers sagging, it is often simpler for them to take bottles.

She constantly keeps a tight eye on anybody who enters the shop wearing baggy jeans. As she observes these individuals more closely, they are more likely to be discovered with a bottle in their underwear.

While the sign is straightforward and to the point, the majority of individuals believe that sagging trousers are unpleasant. Due to the fact that guys are strolling about with their buttocks exposed, it is a strange fashion trend that appears indecent. If these guys choose to display their buttocks, they should do it in their own homes or in places where others may be interested in seeing them, such as select nightclubs and pubs.

Do you believe this sign should be up or be removed?

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