Dad who caught friend raping his daughter and made him kill himself is FREED after 6 months.

A dad who discovered his paedo friend raping his six-year-old daughter and pushed him to commit suicide was freed from prison after only six months.

After seeing violent footage of the disgusting sex activities on his phone, Vyacheslav Matrosov, 35, stabbed buddy Oleg Sviridov, 32, and compelled him to dig his own grave.

The 35-year-old brought his friend into a Russian wilderness, killed him, and forced him to dig his own grave.

The paedophile died shortly after the confrontation with Matrosov, who surreptitiously buried his body in the unmarked grave.

Sviridov committed suicide in the forest, according to investigators.

Matrosov was sentenced to 18 months in prison, however he was released early after serving a year.

Sviridov had sexually molested Matrosov’s six-year-old daughter on many occasions.

The parent captioned a photo of himself and his wife Natalya, 35- “Home. Love very much.”

Matrosov was first arrested on suspicion of murder, but the charges were eventually dismissed.

He was convicted of “inciting” his companion “to suicide” by Krasnoglinsky Court in Samara in April and given to 18 months in prison, although this term has since been reduced.

Matrosov, a former rocket engine factory worker, might have faced a 15-year prison sentence if convicted with murder.

The dad is claimed to have exploded after discovering a nasty mobile phone video of his closest friend Sviridov forcing the youngster to perform sex activities.

In a heartbreaking video, the sickly father’s daughter, now nine, can be heard pleading: ‘Oleg, that’s enough, I can’t take it anymore. I want to go home.’

Locals in the hamlet of Pribrezhnoye lauded the father as a hero, even raising donations for his first legal bills.

A petition signed by 2,500 individuals asked that he be acquitted completely.

They backed him because he was protecting the children by removing a child sex abuser.

According to sources close to the case, extensive forensic evidence proved that Matrosov did not stab Sviridov in a woodland where the dead man’s body was subsequently discovered in a makeshift grave.

According to reports, Sviridov was given the choice to go to the police and admit to sexually assaulting the girl or face the wrath of his dad.

According to a relative, Sviridov was severely assaulted on the day he vanished in September 2021, more than a week before his body was discovered in a makeshift grave in Vintai hamlet.

Sviridov is suspected of abusing two more kids in the village.

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