Dad Who Lived for Weeks with Decomposing Corpses of Wife, 3 Kids and Family Dog Sentenced

Anthony Todt was condemned to four consecutive life terms with no chance of release. Todt was found guilty on Thursday of four charges of first-degree murder and one count of animal cruelty, more than two years after his family was discovered dead in their Celebration, Florida home in early 2020. Circuit Judge Keith A. Carsten labelled Todt a “destroyer of worlds.”

Todt was found residing in his house with the rotting bodies of his wife Megan, 42, and their kids Alek, 13, Tyler, 11, and 4-year-old Zoe in January 2020. The body of their dog, Breezy, was also discovered. Todt was quickly charged with four charges of first-degree murder and one offence of cruelty to animals. He pled not guilty, yet Assistant State Attorney Danielle Pinnell claims he already admitted, stating he and wife Megan plotted to murder their family together.

“Everyone needed to die in order to move over to the other side together,” Pinnell said, paraphrasing Todt. Todt stated in his filmed confession that he wished to be with his family on “the other side.” However, after his arrest, he changed his tale, asserting he wasn’t even at home when the killings occurred.

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