Mum who’s covered in 800 tattoos slams strangers for assuming she’s a ‘bad’ parent

A woman with over 800 tattoos, including various ink patterns on her face, has responded to critics who believe her body art makes her an ‘awful mum.’

Valerie Watson, 34, a painter from San Diego, California, has tattoos covering 78% of her body. She received her initial one when she was 14 and has since gotten hundreds more, spending thousands of dollars in the process.

They have spread to practically every part of her body, including her legs, stomach, back, arms, and face. She has no intentions of halting anytime soon and is eager to cover her full body with tats, calculating that the job would cost her $50,000 more.

The mom-of-two has faced backlash for her conspicuous body art, with some internet trolls blaming her of not providing a good model for her children. But she wants individuals to believe that she’s still a fantastic parent to her two kids, Wolf, three, and Xavier, 15, and that she needs to dispel “misconceptions” about facial tattoos.

She stated that the majority of the myths are mental health concerns – that only insane individuals tattoo their faces. However she is at ease in her own flesh. It’s a look that she is happy with.

In addition to the internet outrage, Valerie said that outsiders frequently look at her in public – but this doesn’t bother her. She fails to remember she has tattoos on her face. She elaborated that as she strolls down the street, she wonders ‘Why are these people gazing at her?’ She genuinely asks her child, “What’s on her face?” And he replies it’s the tattoos. She simply neglects since they’re just a part of her.

She claimed that the addiction began when she was a teen, following years of feeling like she didn’t fit in. Valerie explained that when she was younger she thought to herself that she is going to be a rebel since she never felt she was going to fit in. She got her first tattoo while on holiday, and she just happened to find the first shop. Fortunately they’re not there any longer however they were awful.

Valerie adores Halloween – she and her husband, Wes, were hitched on the holiday – and has several ink drawings to celebrate the dark occasion, including a pumpkin, ghost, spiderweb, and zombie bite. She also wears huge pictures of iconic horror movie murderers including Michael Myers, Norman Bates, Jason, and Leatherface on her leg.

Valerie, who portrays herself as a cutting edge Harley Quinn, said she involves her tats as a method for articulating her thoughts and her specialty, and she loves to explore different avenues regarding her look. At times her hair is blue, if not blue, purple or green. In her words, ‘There are so many ways to convey oneself – you can tattoo yourself, paint yourself, and create. ‘It’s limitless.’

Valerie’s husband, Wes, is encouraging of her fascination – and has many tattoos himself – but has stated that he would like that she not get any additional ink patterns on her face.

Valerie stated that her boys are her strongest supporters. ‘Around the age of six or seven, Xavier began to notice the tattoos. That’s when he began to notice, like, OK, you’re the only mom with tattoos like that,’ she recounted.’ He never said anything wrong about it. She simply wants him to know how at ease she is in her own flesh. She only wants what’s best for them. And she realises they’ll have the greatest, she will make certain of it. Valerie stated Xavier can get his first tattoo when he becomes 18, however it will have to be something they all agree on.

With respect to her own body, she intends to ‘continue going’ until everything is covered, even the palms of her hands, which she estimates will cost her $50,000.

She claimed that she is probably going to spend another $50,000 to cover anything she does not want to see on her body and to finish better work. Her stomach alone cost $15,000, and it’s not done. It will continue till one cannot see the palms of her hands.

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