Unborn baby survives mom’s death in west Wichita crash, husband says

This is the terrible moment a dad cradles his newborn child, who was spared after his pregnant wife was murdered on impact when a fleeing thief collided with her vehicle. Samantha Russell, 22, was 33 weeks pregnant at the hour of the incident and died as a result of her injuries. Doctors were able to deliver her newborn son (Mac) successfully.

Following the disaster, her husband, Brandon Russell, 21, wrote a tearful Facebook post in which he held his newborn son, Mac. He said that words cannot convey or express the feelings that are running through somebody’s heads today as a result of the events that occurred on July 6, 2021 at about 5.30 CST.

Sammy was stolen from them, yet left the most precious gift of life behind. He went on to suggest that Samantha would be a “great mum.” She always seemed to have everything prepared out and all set’ She was the most determined and hardworking person he had ever met.

He wrote that she usually knew what to say when he was having a problem or needed guidance. She was the most wonderful person he had ever met. From her cheery demeanour and tendency to be all over the place to her ability to recognise when it was “couch-thirty” and time to watch Netflix. She was an all-around kind lady who did not deserve to be killed by a careless driver.

He continued, she was the perfect example of what it looks like to be joyful. She exuded joy to all and anybody she met. She will forever be his wife and the one individual he would go to for advise or to ask another of his stupid inquires. In his words, ‘Samantha Russell, I adore you. To me, you are everything.’

With that stated, he urges anybody reading to pause for a minute to embrace and adore those unique individuals in one’s life while they are still here, since no one can ever replace them because they mean so much. He said in the end no one will ever know what to anticipate every day. Live each day to the utmost.

According to their Facebook accounts, Samantha and Brandon married in 2019. Samantha declared her pregnancy with a snapshot of the two of them clutching ultrasound photographs in January, then in March, they revealed that ‘baby Russell’ would be a boy. Samantha, according to her public profile, made crafts that she sold on Etsy and worked at a real estate firm, the proprietor of which blogged about Samantha’s untimely death.

A GoFundMe page put up to help the Russell family had more than exceeded its $5,000 target.

Officers from Wichita Police Department were on the scene to apprehend robbery suspects when one escaped northbound in a 2003 Dodge Ram truck. ‘Our officers turned back to pursue, but it was shortly abandoned,’ said Captain Paul Duff to KSN. ‘Our police then converted and returned to help the other cop who had arrested the original robbery suspect.’ Meanwhile, the suspect, 37-year-old Javan Ervan, continued to drive at high speeds, blowing a red light and triggering a multiple-car collision, striking Samantha in her Mazda CX3 while she was halted at an intersection. A Nevada man driving a Chevy Silverado and a 73-year-old Wichita lady were also injured in the accident, and the woman was brought to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Ervan was eventually arrested for extreme violence, first-degree murder, and criminal ownership of a handgun. Ervin has many robbery convictions before, as indicated by the Kansas Department of Corrections. Jaime Chavez, 34, of Wichita, was also detained on charges of robbery and unlawful possession of a handgun. He was paroled in March after a prior conviction for aggravated indecent solicitation of a child under the age of 14.

Tragic beyond words. Deepest condolences to the family. May they find peace and comfort to get through this.

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