Driver repeatedly runs over woman in horrifying caught-on-camera road rage attack

A guy in New Jersey repeatedly drove over a lady in a brutal road rage assault, according to horrifying footage. The terrifying video, recorded by a witness in Elizabeth on Tuesday, shows the moment Vincent Jean, 56, drove his silver Mitsubishi SUV over the 23-year-old victim after they were involved in a minor traffic collision nearby.

Jean Vincent attempted to leave after the minor accident, but then opened fire on the young lady as she attempted to photograph his SUV so she could identify him to authorities.

Meanwhile, the victim was raced to a hospital in critical condition. Vincent Jean, the suspect, has been accused of endeavored murder. “What this man did to our daughter was monstrous,” the victim’s parents stated in a statement.

Watching the horrifying video and share this to let people realize violence is not the way to solve any problem.

NJ: Man arrested after he ran over woman multiple times in road rage incident caught on camera

This video is really hard to watch, it's horrifying. Surveillance video captured a terrifying incident of road rage in New Jersey, during which a motorist ran over a pedestrian multiple times. 56-year-old Vincent Jean is facing a number of felonies, including attempted murder, for this incident caught on camera. In the security footage, it appears that Jean runs over the woman in his car, before backing up and deliberately running her over a second time. Investigators believe the incident may have stemmed from a crash Jean got into with the woman just before this happened. Jean was arrested after fleeing the scene. The 23-year-old woman was hospitalized in critical condition.

Posted by Laura Halm 1011 NOW on Friday, 15 April 2022

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