Dad’s flight attendant daughter works on Christmas, so he purchases six plane tickets to accompany her.

When her dad booked six airline flights so he could spend the holiday with her, she described it as a “Christmas miracle.”

Pierce Vaughan, like many other unhappy employees, was unable to take the holidays off in December. Rather, as a flight attendant, she spent Christmas Eve and Day on many Delta Airlines flights, thousands of miles away from home.

Pierce could have easily gone the entire holiday without seeing a single family member. Yet her father, Hal Vaughan, had other plans. He took six flying journeys in order to be on every one of Pierce’s flights throughout Christmas.

Mike Levy, a fellow traveler, met Hal on one of his flights and published the tale on social media, where it brought tears to millions of people’s eyes.

It wasn’t a conventional Christmas for Hal and Pierce, however the fact that they spent it together is all that mattered.

Pierce Vaughan here. She’s a fantastic Delta Airlines flight attendant who had to work on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year. We understand how disappointing this is!

This means that, while many people were flying home to their families on Christmas Eve, Pierce was assisting travelers and sacrificing her own family time.

Pierce’s father, Hal Vaughan, thought it was terrible for his daughter to spend Christmas apart from her family.

He opted to schedule many airline trips so that he could spend Christmas in the skies with his kid.

Mike Levy took a shot with Hal while sitting next to the father on a Christmas Eve flight.

Mike informed that Hal had purchased six aircraft tickets. That’s six takeoffs, six landings, and he not sure how many aircraft snacks he ate in place of Christmas dinner.

Mike’s post about Hal drew a large amount of interest on Facebook, so Pierce reposted it on Christmas Day to keep all up to speed on how the travels went.

Flying six times in two days, especially on Christmas, is no easy task, even for a passenger!

That’s correct, this incredibly compassionate father was upgraded to first class on a single flight.

The tale has since gone popular on Facebook, with 34,000 shares and counting – most likely due to its cuteness!

I had the pleasure of sitting next to Hal on my flight back home. His daughter Pierce was our flight attendant who had…

Posted by Mike Levy on Monday, 24 December 2018

Commenters are moved by Pierce’s obvious hard work and popularity. And they notice what a wonderful dad Hal is. Would your dad go out of his way for you? 

Certainly, these two create a wonderful father-daughter combo, and Pierce got one of the finest Christmas gifts she’s ever gotten. Her time with her loving father was well spent.

And, as other commentators pointed out, the holidays are all about generosity and family, and this sweet tale truly represents that Christmas spirit in such a nice way.

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, it’s difficult not to be moved by happy stories like this one, which highlights real family commitment and love of family above all else.

Since it is often easier said than done to appreciate family time. Work, finances, children, and drama can all get in the way.

But Hal’s trip demonstrates that when there’s a will, there’s a way – even if it involves repeating the terrible Christmas travel experience six times.

Delta Airlines issued the following comment in response to the story that they appreciate all of their personnel working throughout the holidays to support Delta customers, and they enjoy seeing this amazing Dad spend Christmas with his daughter – even while flying 30,000 feet across the nation.

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