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After his mother’s death, a dog consoles a 9-day-old foal and takes him under his wing.

Dogs are such loving and empathetic creatures. They have strong protective instincts and will frequently take an animal under their wing if they believe it requires assistance.

That was the case for one rescue dog who took on the role of guardian and greatest friend to an orphaned foal.

S & K Quarter Horses in Fayette, Alabama, is owned by Karla Swindle. One of her horses, a 22-year-old mare named Sandy, had to be terminated a few years ago owing to worsening health.

Sandy’s foal, Tye, who was orphaned at just 9 days old, was particularly heartbroken by Sandy’s death.

Yet Karla’s dog, Zip, swiftly stepped up to console the orphaned newborn horse.

Our orphan foal Tye and his guardian dog Zip

Posted by Karla Swindle on Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Tye’s sadness was detected by the dog, who remained with the colt all night, consoling him with a compassionate paw, according to Karla.

While Tye lost his mom that night, he got a closest friend in the form of Zip, who swiftly assumed the role of the foal’s companion and guardian.

Dogs are emotionally aware animals who appear to be able to detect when someone has died, and it appeared like Zip comprehended the circumstances and deliberately sought out this lost foal.

Zip had been looking after Tye everyday for weeks and was excited to see him every morning.

Zip and Tye

Posted by Karla Swindle on Monday, 22 April 2019

Tye has since matured into a happy, healthy horse, no doubt owing to Zip’s early love and friendship.

Tye now spends the most of his time with his other horses, and he’s forced to “leave the nest,” so to speak, becoming more self-sufficient from his canine dad.

While they no longer rely on each other, we understand that these two will remain friends and hold a special place in each other’s hearts.

Rescue dog and orphaned horse are best friends

This rescue dog is best buddies with an orphaned baby horse… I'm not crying, you're crying! 😿 Credit: SWNS

Posted by Meow! on Friday, 12 April 2019

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