Teen Blasted ‘F–k Tha Police’ At Slain Officer’s Funeral, Backfires Big Time.

As thousands of New York officers assembled to commemorate the death of a female officer slain in the line of duty, a cop-hating youngster had another idea. The young man, identified as Julien Rodriguez, brazenly blasted the NWA song “F—k Tha Police” out his third-floor apartment window, stating that playing the music on repeat from his East 188th Street apartment was “fulfilling.”

According to law enforcement sources, around 20 police went up to the flat to attempt to stop the music, with one cop chatting to the adolescent in Spanish about his own experiences growing up as a Latino in the city. Rodriguez stated that he ultimately apologized to the officers — but only because the building super warned to evict his family if he didn’t.

The display of total contempt enraged cops at the burial. This is the crap they deal with on a daily basis, a police source stated. The cop-hating adolescent also said that officers killed his elder brother and best buddy unjustly.

That allegation, though, did not come true. The names Rodriguez provided were investigated, but no record of their deaths could be found. Meantime, the cop-hater felt he’d gotten away with the embarrassing joke, however the superintendent of the apartment complex happens to be a cop supporter. Three days after the funeral, super Danny Morales instructed the renter to remove Julien Rodriguez and his elder sister from the tenant’s third-floor pad.

The renter, who only recognized himself as “Jesus,” referred to the boy and his sister as “lowlifes” and claimed he had no clue they would do something so heinous.

Suleika Rodriguez, the teen’s sister, said that her brother had been threatened because of his anti-cop behavior.

The perpetrator who shot the female cop in the head may have empowered Julien Rodriguez. Alexander Bonds, a convicted criminal, fatally shot New York Patrol Officer Miosotis Familia as she sat in her police vehicle.

Bonds’ online anti-police language, as per accounts, resembles the Black Lives Matter-inspired hate spewed by past cop murderers in recent years. Who knows why these people do what they do, but the deadly, politically driven officer hate that Rodriguez and Bonds shared has spread throughout America and should be condemned by every government official today.

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