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‘Dallas’ Victoria Principal, 73, Shows Love For Andy Gibb Who ‘Fell Apart’ After Their Split And Died Young.

Victoria Principal, well recognized for her portrayal of Pamela on “Dallas,” had said that she wanted to make a change in her life when she reached 50. So the actress made the audacious move of leaving Hollywood.

By 2023, the actress was divorced and had been living on a ranch since 2012. Principal, who will be 73 in 2023, dated actor and musician Andy Gibb, who was born on March 5, 1958, and died suddenly on March 10, 1998.

Her property outside of Los Angeles has been her home since she lost Gibb at the age of 30. On her property, the actress kept and rehabilitated animals that she had rescued. Principal posted an Instagram video on March 5, 2023, showing an arrangement of flowers she’d put on a beach near her house.

The flowers were put next to the sand-written letters “AG,” which stood for Gibb’s initials. The annual memorial was done in honor of Gibb’s birthday and the day of his death, with all of the roses being red save one that was white.

Fans were quick to respond, and one person said that the late actor was there with Principal. The follower also wished for a day full of love and wonderful memories.

Someone else claimed the actress must have adored Gibb and that they understood how she felt. The fan said how they’d lost their love in 1986 but still performed a ceremony on his birthday.

Another follower was so moved by the memorial that they shed a tear. One admirer praised Principal as a wonderful human being, while another said the late star will always be with the actress and that the annual ceremony was a lovely thing she did.

The emotional ceremony demonstrated how much the old celebrity missed Gibb despite his death decades ago. That made her wonder how much they were in love for her to remember him after all these years.

In a 1981 newspaper story, Principal said that Gibb was the only person she was interested in dating. The actress claimed he had her “pencil in” her social schedule before going on to describe what drew her to him.

The actor, on the other hand, let her depend on him whenever she needed to. The actress stated she enjoyed an iron hand in a little glove, but only if the glove was made of mink!

Gibb was 23 years old and Principal was 31 years old when they first met and fell in love. But, Brad Lachman, a producer who worked with the actor, noted that when things between the pair were not going well, Gibb would be “heartbroken.”

Gibb was “completely captivated” with the actress, according to the newspaper story. He was so in love with her that all he could think about was her; unfortunately, he made the mistake of suffocating the actress.

The celebrity couldn’t get enough of her, and whenever they were separated, he’d call her. Principal had to order him to stop calling her when she was on the set of “Dallas” as he was so persistent.

The couple’s romance lasted a little over a year until the actress decided to call it quits. On the other hand, her ex-boyfriend was so taken with her that he fell after they broke up.

Principal had broken up with Gibb in part because he had begun using illicit drugs. The actress said she did everything she could to help him, and in the end, she gave him a choice.

The actress informed Gibb that he had to choose between his issue and her, but he couldn’t. After barely 13 months together, the couple’s romance ended, causing the actor to fall apart.

Gibb said he didn’t care about anything at the time and began taking illicit narcotics around the clock, spending roughly $1,000 per day on his habit. He once remained up and shut himself in his bedroom for two weeks!

His producers would call and send vehicles to pick him up for work, but he would deny Principal’s ex-boyfriend believed that his association with the actress was the major reason he slipped in popularity.

Gibb also neglected to appear at the “American Movie Awards” after his breakup. He even instructed the “Solid Gold” series producers not to anticipate him coming in for a shoot, despite the fact that he was slated to perform “Arthur’s Theme” on the awards presentation.

Brad Maule had to step in at the last minute, with Roger Moore (the ceremony’s presenter) informing the audience that they’d learned Gibb was unwell one hour earlier. But, no one connected to the event had heard from the actor.

Gibb arrived at John Radcliffe Hospital on the morning of his death, complaining of chest problems. Tragically, the actor died on the same day, only five days after turning 30.

Principal’s ex-boyfriend had been diagnosed with myocarditis, an infection of the heart. Long-term drug misuse by the “Bee Gees” brothers’ sibling damaged his heart and exacerbated his illness.

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