Bullied Teen Lost 141 lbs Before Prom, Haters Regret Teasing Her As She Walks In.

Josie Desgrand weighed 280 pounds when she was just 16 years old. She had been the victim of bullying as a result of her huge stature, which had devastated her self-esteem. It got worse as she looked through her Instagram page. When the Australian youngster saw photographs of skinny models beaming back at her, she knew things had to change.

Josie had considered dieting previously, but she was usually unsuccessful. Rather than losing weight, she ate more and more. She would overeat junk food when she was feeling sorry for herself. It was a vicious loop that only made her feel worse and worse until she made a pledge to herself that changed everything.

Josie said she walked into her room and undressed to her underwear. Then she made what would turn out to be a life-changing agreement with herself. She was no longer going to be overweight. She’d even have her own Instagram account devoted to her metamorphosis, entitled “No Longer Fat Josie.”

Josie recounted that she took several pictures of herself, enthusiastic for her future weight reduction adventure. She took a tape measure and scribbled down her measurements, knowing she had a long way to go but wanting to chronicle every improvement, no matter how little.

Josie began a low-carb, no-sugar diet and increased her water consumption. Josie began to see improvements as she followed her progress to see the effect her weight reduction efforts were having. She quickly became an inspiration to others as her father, Mark, chose to assist her in her weight reduction ambitions. The collaborative effort proved to be a boon in Josie’s path.

The father-daughter team helped and encouraged one another. Being in competition with him encouraged them both to go the extra mile, and having her dad along for the trip was fantastic, Josie added. And it was effective. She eventually weighed 198 pounds after losing 82 pounds solely via nutrition. But she wasn’t finished. Her accomplishment inspired her to take the next step and join the gym. She is not overweight anymore, Josie, she informed herself firmly. Gym workouts provided her the additional push she needed to attain her ideal weight.

Instagram, rather than being a source of jealousy, became an encouraging support network that pushed Josie towards her objectives as she shared her miraculous change with her followers. She posted about her meals and improvements on her Instagram account, @nolongerfatjosie, Josie said. Her following expanded swiftly, and each one was more encouraging than the previous.

Josie couldn’t give up while all eyes were on her. With individuals from all around the world accompanying her on her adventure, she never considered leaving. She spent an hour each night responding to everyone. Having been in their shoes previously, she felt compelled to assist as many individuals as possible. When someone believed they couldn’t do it anymore, she would write back, ‘Keep going,’ she added.

Josie eventually weighed 139 pounds, having dropped more than half of her former body weight. She had shed 141 pounds after more than a year of hard work. She was able to go to her high school formal at the age of 18 wearing a dress that hugged her body and showed off her new shape. Onlookers were taken aback. Friends and relatives were astounded by her metamorphosis and how stunning she appeared in the form-fitting gown.

Josie couldn’t be more thrilled. What started as a wish to be healthy and feel better about herself became a life-changing event. Josie’s adventure, however, is far from over. After achieving her personal objectives, she is motivated to assist others by writing a book about her experience. She said that now she wants to be the push to get folks back on their feet since everyone deserves to be as happy as she is right now.

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