Muslim Wants ‘Compensation’ For Eating Sausage McMuffin, McDonald’s Shut Him Down.

Fida Hussain, a 49-year-old British man, had never broken the Islamic rule against eating pork until he ordered his usual Egg McMuffin from a McDonald’s in Birmingham. He realized he had just broken one of his religion’s key principles moments after chomping down on his breakfast sandwich.

There seems to be an Islamic guideline for every element of life for a devout Muslim. The Quran and Hadith have rules about cleanliness, what to wear, and especially what to eat that affect the daily lives of millions of Muslims who live in non-Muslim countries.

Hussain took a big bite out of his McMuffin, only to realize that it was filled with pork sausage. He informed the reporters that after getting an Egg and Cheese McMuffin, a hashbrown, and coffee from the restaurant every morning, he was “saddened” to realize that he had gotten the incorrect order this time.

Hussain immediately returned to the restaurant and approached two supervisors, one male and one female, who he claims urged him to file a complaint online. But it was the reported final answer of management that enraged the Muslim consumer. Hussain states that when he first brought the subject to the attention of the location, he was informed that the situation was deemed settled because he’d previously accepted a replacement lunch.

McDonald’s denies dismissing Hussain and has issued a statement explaining its side of the story.

Yet, the irate client feels he is entitled to more compensation for his troubles and is unwilling to let the issue go.

After Hussain’s account was published, neighbors criticized not just his reaction but also his original charges, arguing that there was no way he could have missed the meat hanging over the side of the bun.

Others, however, pointed out that everyone has had similar experiences with the fast-food restaurant and does not believe it is intentional or warrants financial recompense.

Hussain maintains that the corporation owes him compensation in addition to providing him with the right sandwich for free, which he has already accepted. He claims that McDonald’s was just insensitive to the notion that he is Muslim and has unique dietary requirements.

Since the public tends to disagree with him, it looks like Hussain will seek further recompense. I hope the situation does not escalate into legal action, which has been a major source of anxiety for eateries around the country.

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