Dateless Teen Tries Something DIFFERENT For Prom.

Can you remember back to high school when you worked up enough nerves to ask that special person to the prom with you? It can certainly be a terrifying experience, because nobody likes the thought of rejection. And some choose to go a different route when it comes to the prom.

Prom night was quickly approaching in Rochester, New York, for Wyatt Cheatle. Even the idea of asking someone to the prom was not a sure thing. He was having anxiety about it. And his mom, Kelly, was almost certain that the prom would quietly pass her son by. So Wyatt finally made a decision. He would go to the prom alone. And Kelly felt good about that, because, at least, he wouldn’t get his heart broken.

So a few days before the big event, Wyatt and his mom went shopping for prom attire at the Goodwill store. And Kelly urged her son to be creative, something she had instilled in him for quite some time. Wyatt was always a special son to her. At a young age, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

At one time, the Dream Factory worked with a major supermarket, called Wegman’s, to make the wishes of special children come true. Wyatt was selected and his dream was to work in the bakery at one of the supermarkets. And they made it happen. He even got to work the store’s executive chef as well as with Wegman’s pastry chef, Steve Ciccione, who also had cerebral palsy.

But back to the prom. Kelly wanted Wyatt to stand out at the big event. Wyatt once joked he might show up in a dress. Kelly’s brain latched onto that one, and she decided to go with it. Sort of. Half of his outfit was a suit, and the other half, a dress.

It would somewhat make up for the fact that he didn’t have a date. And, for sure, he certainly would stand out among the rest. On the big night, he got a lot of attention, and his close friends thought his attire was outstanding… they loved it. And it helped Wyatt have a great night. And he made quite a statement with it, something that many at the prom could understand… and respect. 

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