Her Love Towards These Scared Puppies Will Blow You Away.

Maggie is an Australian-Shepherd mix that lives in Canada. But her recent actions seem to be gathering worldwide attention. Her owners dropped her off for a stay at a pet kennel – the Barkers Pet Motel, and those there were more than happy to have Maggie stay with them. While there, she bent the rules and broke out of her cage. But it was certainly for a good reason.

There were some young puppies there in another cage and they needed Maggie’s help. She was gonna make sure they got it. The puppies were extremely frightened by being where they were, and they were crying. But Maggie was able to calm them down and let them know that they were safe with her.

Maggie had recently had some puppies of her own, so she knew what they were going through. Those at the kennel could see what Maggie was doing, so they put the pups and her together. What Maggie did showed the love of a mother. She wasn’t THEIR mother, but their needs were just as important to her… just as if they were. 

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