Daughter And Step-Mom Were Pregnant At The Same Time Plans Baby Shower Together.

Being a parent is one of the most lovely sensations a person can have. A baby brings love, happiness, joy, and some magical moments into everyone’s life. Naming a baby is so important for every parent since each parent wants their child’s name to be unique or in remembrance of their grandparents name. Read this story about naming the baby and let us know what you think about it.

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Okay, yes, I bet you think you know where this is going just right off the bat, but believe me it’s not what you’re thinking. This whole ridiculous story is true and it’s really conflicting with my family so I thought maybe some outside opinions might settle it because I’m still livid and shaking while typing this out. 

So I (22F) was born when my parents were fresh out of high school. It didn’t work out and they broke up pretty quickly after I was born. Around the time I was born, my Dad lost his grandmother (who he was super close to) and had lost his dad about a year or two prior to that. So I was named a pretty old-fashioned, but very unique name: Helena (after my great-grandmother) Jesse (which was my grandpa Jessie) and my mom’s last name. 

Since my mom pretty much got sole custody, I only saw my dad every other summer and some of the holidays. He got married to this nice woman, Sarah. Now that I’m an adult, I visit him a lot more often, although it’s hard to get there as much as I want because I live a state away. 

So anyway, he had four sons with Sarah and they’ve been waiting on a daughter for years. Everybody gave up and it became an ongoing joke. So I found out I was pregnant around the time that Sarah found out she was too. So I wanted my extended family to be included so I decided to have a big baby shower/BBQ so they can drive up to where I live and stay a few days. I’ve been trying hard to bond with my dad after all these years and I really wanted him close during this time so I asked my mom if my stepmom and I could share the shower. She agreed since she was helping me set it up. 

So I asked about a gender or name for the baby so we could do a theme since I already know I’m having a boy. I hinted around that a name would be better so I could have a gift embroidered. My stepmother sends me a text with the name she’s picked for her new daughter: Helena Jessie. As it turns out, my stepmother loves the name and said she went along with it at my dad’s suggestion. I call my dad and he explains that he wants to keep those names in the family and that our names are going to be different because I have my mom’s last name and this girl will have his. I tried to argue that it was already used by me and he couldn’t steal my name. 

He wanted to use them again. I literally lost it on him and told him that until they changed the name, they can’t come to the shower. 

My stepmother’s really upset because she had been really excited for the shower and because she didn’t have money to plan her own. And my dad’s mad about it too since he already took off work to come. My family’s pretty split about it, but my mom’s on my side. My uncle’s been calling me an AH about getting mad at a name since his daughter’s middle name is Helena and I wasn’t bothered by that. But I feel like everyone’s missing the point. What are your opinions? Did I overreact? Please don’t be afraid to criticize. Thank you for your time in advance.

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