Son Escorts Her Out Immediately When She Said This About Grandbabies. She Threatens To Call Cops.

Marriage is indeed a beautiful phase in one’s life. If you really want the children to be happy in their marriage don’t interfere in their lives until they ask for help. The boys and girls parents should know to draw a line. Here is a story where a MIL tries to be the monster in law. Read the story and let us know if you agree with the wife’s reaction.

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I (27f) have been married to the sweetest man in the world (29m) for about 3 years now, and we’ve been best friends for 10 years. Despite all this time, his mother despises me for “stealing” her baby. She has continuously proven that she is a thorn in my side. She criticizes everything about me: how I work and study long hours, so I can’t satisfy him like she can, I am not a good cook (I’ll give her this one. My skills might be the same level as a toddler) etc. But the worst thing she said was how I was infertile and useless. I had a miscarriage, and it was so disheartening we didn’t try again for another 2 years.

Family dinners are a nightmare. She’s making snide comments, throwing tantrums, critiquing my cleaning skills, yelling, etc. She also has a habit of squeezing her son’s thighs, sitting on his lap until he forces her off, and once bit his earlobe. We have left early on multiple occasions because of her. She’s upset when we don’t visit, she’s a nightmare when we do. That’s why we limited contact with her.

I recently gave birth to twins. She wanted to be there while I was in labor. I have said from the beginning that the only people allowed in that room was my mom and husband. She didn’t listen, and started banging on the doors to be let in until security escorted her out. I was in labor for 16 hours, and I felt like I was dying through the process. Once we got out of the hospital, I was sore, tired, and so mentally and physically exhausted. We had guests/my parents/SIL come over and help clean the house – shout out to my bestie – bring food, and even got to hold the babies. Then, it was time for the monster in law to come.

My husband wanted her to see her grandbabies, and while I was reluctant, I felt like she had the right to visit. MIL comes, looks around, finds my husband doing the dishes and freaks. She complains of my insolence and laziness. I still can’t even sit on the toilet without pain, and she wants me to clean the house too. Mind you, I’m running on two hours of sleep at a time. She finds my babies while they’re FINALLY sleeping in harmony for the first time in 3 days. Without my permission, MIL picks one of them up, and wakes him up. I went to make him a bottle, and of course she had an issue with formula. She still fed him anyway. Husband argues with her about respect, and they go back and forth about it. She then says, “she’s probably cheating you. These are not even your babies. She probably aborted her first child.”

I lost my cool. I Cursed her out, told her she’s never welcome again, and if she ever comes near me or my kids, I will hurt her. And the scary thing is, I truly meant it at the time. Husband escorts her out while she’s crying and threatening to call the cops. I was so tired of her. If it wasn’t for the fact that my husband is one in a billion, I would have asked for a divorce to avoid the drama. Did i overreact? Any advice.

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