Daughter Begs To Have A Similar Birthday Party But The Parents Can’t Afford.

Clearly, there is no such thing as flawless parenting. Every parent wishes the best for his or her child. Can you, however, prevent another parent from doing what they want for their child? Is that correct? Read the narrative to find out what occurred, and then tell us what you would have done.

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I (28F) have a friend, Ashley (28F). She has twin boys (6) and her and her husband are extremely wealthy and do spoil the twins. But the twins are very polite kids and extremely sweet.

For their birthday, they had a Bluey themed party. For those who don’t know, please look it up, the show is absolutely adorable and my daughter loves it too.

Ashley went all out and clearly spent a lot. They even had people come in dressed as the characters. The boys and other kids including my daughter were AMAZED. It was so darn cute.

The thing is, ever since the party, my daughter has been BEGGING me and her dad to throw her a party just like theirs. But we don’t have the budget.

It makes me feel guilty for not being able to give my daughter the party she wants but I’m trying to make things as similar as possible. My brother agreed to make a Bluey birthday cake and my nieces are going to dress up as the characters. I’ve also even managed to find some decorations. It isn’t as fancy as theirs but it’s all I can afford and I’ve made peace with it.

My boyfriend is really hung up about it though, even more than I am. He feels like shit for having to find cheaper options and is convinced our daughter’s going to be heartbroken. I have tried comforting him and thought he would be alright.

But yesterday I got a call from Ashley and she told me that my boyfriend called her husband and started yelling at him for spoiling the twins, trying to show off and making other less fortunate parents look like sh*t. He also said something about how Bluey is a girl and asked why they dressed their twins up in Bluey costumes when they’re boys.

I apologized immediately and explained the situation to her. She told me that it’s okay and it’s all water under the bridge.

I was still really upset and embarrassed though. My boyfriend said he was sorry and doesn’t know what came over him but I wouldn’t hear it. I told him that he can’t take out his insecurities on an innocent family.

That struck a nerve and he told me that he just felt horrible and felt like he was failing as a father and I’m no help. He then went to the washroom and cried. I feel a little guilty now but I’m still horrified by the fact that he called them just to insult them. They’ve been nothing but kind and have helped us out a lot. Their twins are also really close to our daughter and I don’t want to ruin that. What should I do? How would you handle such a situation?

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