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Neighbor Deflates Bounce House With Children Inside, Stirring Outrage.

Charles Wotruba, 70, of Florida, was arrested on Friday for apparently shutting down a bouncy house full of kids.

Wotruba was arrested and accused of trespassing and causing a disturbance but he was later freed.

According to cops, Wotruba deflated the bouncy house at a birthday party last month, and security video showed him doing so before fleeing across the street to his own home.

Two toddlers were hospitalized as a result of the massive crumbling plastic.

Deborah Romero stated that during her daughter’s birthday celebration on Sunday, children were jumping in the inflatable home when it began to collapse.

They were quite concerned for the children as it was so hot and they were locked within the bounce house, she explained.

They couldn’t really reach for all of the children, so they had to pull one of them by the leg.

Parents labored tirelessly to save a dozen toddlers aged two to three.

Two kids were transported to the hospital, one for distress and the other to be checked for wounds.

Wotruba guy was called a terrible neighbor and a piece of garbage in a YouTube video.

Romero stated that this is not the first time her family has been victimized by an occurrence of this nature.

She said that the family’s Christmas light cable was severed during the holidays.

As a result, they installed the security cameras that caught the neighbor.

According to investigators, Wotruba may have thought he was disconnecting stereo equipment rather than the bouncing house. He lives about 500 feet from the home where the birthday celebration was hosted.

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