Daughter Facetimed Mother Noticed Her Ex-husband Sitting With Her On The Couch

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My family has continuously disrespected my (37f)husband (33m). I was previously married in my 20s and share a son (14m) with my ex (38m). He only sees him 2-4 weeks out of the year by choice, my husband and I have him the other 11 months. My husband stepped in when my son was 9 and has been providing, raising, loving, guiding him since. We also have a 2yr old son together.My family (namely mother/sister) have constantly shoved my ex down his throat. They have made comments to him over the years that I’ve had problems with. They tell him he is just the stepdad. They will say happy step fathers day instead of just happy Father’s Day. They remind him he’s my 2nd husband (no, he is MY husband).

My mom/sister(41f) are friends with my ex on FB. My mom had posted on his page that he is the best son in law ever. He replied, you know you have a new one right? My sister calls my husband sensitive and insecure for getting upset. I set boundaries to please not bring up my ex anymore. We don’t hate the guy, we are just trying to live our life out of his shadow. Things have been weird too. My mom Facectimed me once and there was my ex sitting on her couch. No one told me he was visiting her or asked how I would feel about that. She has told him he can stay with her anytime he’s in FL. My mom has said to my husband she wished me and my ex would have worked out. Then she said I should have just banged him instead of marrying him. I told my mom it makes me angry that she checks up on my ex. I feel it’s not her place to be doing that. They were never even close when we were married.

She was supposed to visit from FL but we got into it about my ex so she canceled. We were out 500 bucks that week bc we let our nanny have the week off since my mom would be here. She went to my sisters. She later msgd me asking if she could come down after said planned time. I said ok. Well, while here she gets a FaceTime call from my ex. She then says she didn’t know why he called, that she doesn’t talk to him anymore. I went and called my ex who then sent me screenshots of her reaching out to him the week prior. She sent selfies of herself, pics with my sister and pics Of sisters dog. This really angered me as I had already told my mom it bothers me that she keeps tabs on my ex. I want her to focus on my family (meaning my husband). I got into a screaming match with her and ended up saying if you can’t respect my family/husband then get the F out of my house! She did and I haven’t heard from her or my sister since.

My sister thinks I was being over dramatic and that there should be nothing wrong with my mom talking to my ex. It would be one thing to talk to him about our son but that’s not the case. She’s sending him pictures of what she’s doing. My sister says my husband is insecure which really pisses me off too. They just don’t get it! Am I being ridiculous? What would you do?

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